Irvine California Real Estate

Irvine California has the most desirable selection of real estate for sale in Orange County. Explore Irvine home listings here and quickly fall in love with the next house which you will be calling your home in no time. We give you the unique ability to explore these homes long before you ever take step in them. We have placed state-of-the-art tools at your fingertips, making your Irvine home search stress-free, and fast.

Irvine California Real Estate

When it comes to real estate, Irvine California is unique. As you enter Irvine, you will quickly see the huge variety of real estate that is here. By design, Irvine was intended to have smaller communities within this city that each have their own unique feel and style, making it a “community of communities.” Learn about these different communities by clicking on the links above. Homes in Irvine may run as much as tens of million of dollars, to a couple hundred thousand dollars – so there is sure to be something for everybody in this beautiful Southern California city. Irvine California is by far the highest value area which does not actually touch any of the Pacific coastline.

Most Recently Listed in Irvine

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Real Estate in Irvine

Irvine’s many neighborhoods and villages have different and distinct styles than other areas in Orange County. They are this way because the city was designed by Irvine Company with streets separating the different housing styles. Irvine’s population is about 212,000, making it the largest population wise in the county. Irvine location in Orange CountyAlso, the land area is much bigger compared to other towns in Orange County at 66 square miles. All of the real estate listings in Irvine are found right here.

Of course, homes in Irvine California are the most popular way to consider when looking for real estate, but there are a variety of other ways to search for a home or a place to live.

Some of the most popular ways to search or purchase real estate in Irvine is:

  • Multi-family Homes
  • New Homes
  • Read a little bit about those categories below, or click the links in this box to see the Irvine listings

    There are other ways that people search for homes as well, such as “Irvine Pool Homes,” but as mentioned above, these searches are the most popular. Read on about Irvine real estate at each link.

    About Irvine CA

    The University of California Irvine (UCI) is one of many large employers to the community. If you want to see who’s who in America, move to Irvine. You will rub shoulders frequently with Olympians, actors/actresses, singers and politicians. Every October, Irvine celebrates it’s Global Village Festival, celebrating all cultures and ethnicities in Irvine and Orange County, showing that this beautiful city is very diverse.

    Most of Irvine is flat, except for the northern and southern ends where it starts getting foothills. The foothills in Irvine area actual where a lot of the real estate is very desired. Lows in the temperature hardly ever dip under 40 degrees, making winters mild and comfortable. You will quickly notice that Irvine has an emphasis on parks, as there is one in almost every village. Everyone has an opportunity to get outside a chance to enjoy Irvine. Are you beginning to see why this is such a great area to live? Great people, low crime, ocean only a short distance away… real estate in Irvine is a no brainer. This should cap off your decision.

    Irvine was ranked the fourth best city to live in America

    - Businessweek

    Irvine had the lowest violent crime rate among cities in the United States with populations of more than 100,000

    - FBI

    Irvine is seventh highest median income among cities in the United States with populations of more than 65,000

    - US Census Bureau

    The University of California Irvine is big part of Irvine, it attracts students and professionals from all over the world. Irvine is different than most cities as the shopping districts are on the east and west side of the city, leaving the middle for homes. Irvine is a unique city which is smack dab right in the middle of Orange County.

    Distressed Housing For Sale in Irvine

    A distressed home is one that falls into the following categories:

    When speaking of distressed housing, we are not talking about a home that is a fixer-upper. Even though there may be a chance that the homes are in need of repair, this is a different kind of distress. Homes that are considered distressed in Irvine are financially distressed. These homes have gotten in these situations for whatever reason, but one thing that you will generally find when searching for a distressed home, is these are cheap homes in Irvine. Some of the reasons may include 1) The homeowner lost their job, and can no longer afford the mortgage of a pricey Irvine home 2) Because of the drop in home values in and around Irvine.

    It is true, even Irvine California has had home values drop, but not necessarily as much as the rest of the country. The reason why this makes for distressed situations is because a mortgage still owe $600,000, but the home is now worth $400,000. If somebody were to continue to pay on that mortgage, they would have to pay an extra $200,000 before they are actually gaining any equity. Nobody really wants to throw away a fifth of a million dollars.

    What that means for buyers is that you can find fantastic deals in Irvine right now. While others forecast poor real estate conditions, it is actually still a prime time for individuals to find once of a lifetime deals – especially because interest rates probably will not drop any further.